Surgical Treatments

When surgical treatment is necessary, the the Spine Center – Clinica Las Condes is the most respected medical center of excellence in the region. Our surgeons attend ongoing training at international training symposiums and use the most state of the art equipment and techniques. This helps insure you have the best possible outcome if surgery is necessary.

Conservative, non-surgical or minimally invasive approach

Our physicians work and collaborate on the best treatment plan for every patient. We use the approach that the most conservative surgery methods are usually best.  On this page we will discuss five types of common surgical procedures for spine related conditions.



These include microsurgery where very small incisions (2-3 cm) are made to access the area in need of repair. Very tiny surgical instruments are inserted into the incision while the surgeon uses a high powered optical system to view the area needing repair. Microsurgery allows our expert surgeons the ability to work in very tiny spaces and on small tissue needing repair. The high precision of the tiny equipment allows fast healing and gives the patient the shortest time back to resuming an active lifestyle.

Microsurgery is often performed by surgeons when working around the spine and sensitive nerves that weave in and out of the spine. In addition to the quicker healing time, microsurgery leaves less scar tissue which is significant when working around the spine.

If microsurgery isn’t an option, then the next choice is the one that is minimally invasive.

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Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic surgery is another kind of minimally invasive surgery we use in our clinic. Like microsurgery endoscopic surgery speeds healing and helps patients resume normal activities quicker than traditional methods of surgery. There are a number of types of endoscopic surgery but all require smaller incisions and can result in quicker recovery times for patients.

Microsurgery and endoscopic surgery are less traumatic than traditional surgery. By using special instruments, the approach can allow for smaller incisions, quicker recovery, and fewer side effects.

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The techniques that make surgical procedures “minimally invasive” have come a long way since the 1980s when the techniques were developed for knee surgery. Now surgeons at the Spine Center – Clinica Las Condes can employ the most advanced instruments in surgery of the spine including the thoracic spine, cervical spine, and lumbar spine. Like other types of minimally invasive surgery, a patient can resume an active lifestyle more quickly after surgery and there is less scaring. Scaring on tissue surrounding the spine can cause complications later in life.

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Classic Surgeryspins surgeons at work at Clinica Las Condes

When your physician does not believe microscopic or endoscopic surgery is appropriate for you, classical surgery is used. Many operations today are still conducted using classical surgical methods. Nearly 90% of surgery falls under the category of classical surgery.

A good example is a lumbar laminectomy, also known as an open decompression and typically performed to alleviate pain caused by neural impingement that can result from lumbar spinal stenosis. Typical fusions of the vertebrae also require a larger open operating area than is possible in current minimally invasive surgery. Just know that if your surgeon can safely and effectively conduct your surgery using minimally invasive procedures, they will.

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Nerve blocks

Facet blocks, and other types of blocks are often used in surgery in order to put a part of the body “to sleep.” As long as the nerve block is being administered the limb or other part of the body will not be able to feel pain or any other sensation. This is especially helpful after surgery when patients want to remain free of pain but not under a general anesthesia (gas or medications given by intravenous fluids). Nerve blocks also do not have the side effects that other kinds of pain medicines have.

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Our surgeons and operating room staff are all trained to treat your body as if it where theirs while you are having a surgical procedure performed at Spine Center of La Clinica Las Condes. Not only will we recommend the most appropriate kind of procedure for you, but we will work very hard to keep you as free of pain as possible.

If you are experiencing pain or other discomfort along your spine, please seek medical attention or call us for an medical evaluation.

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