Non-surgical Treatments

Physical Therapist at Clinica Las Condes treats young patient
Treating Back Pain without Surgery

The staff of The Spine Center – Clinica Las Condes prefers to use the least invasive way to treat back and spine pain. There are many non-surgical treatment options. Here are a few that our clinic uses.


Bed rest

Although it seems simple, often bed rest is a very effective way to allow your body to heal. This is true when muscles and nerves are involved in the injury or condition.

Physical Therapy

Perhaps the most effective non-surgical treatment the Spine Center offers is physical therapy. There are literally hundreds of techniques one of our trained physical therapists can use to help reduce your pain and discomfort as well as get you back enjoying life again.

Neck Braces

When your neck suffers a whiplash type injury a neck brace or soft collar may help immobilize the neck while it heals. Neck braces can also be used to effectively treat some kinds of congenital conditions.

Thoracic Lumbar Brace

There are two types of braces: flexible and rigid.

  • A flexible brace is made from an elastic cotton/nylon material and is most commonly used to support your back when lifting, improve posture, or relieve low back pain. This brace is similar to a girdle or corset.
  • Rigid braces are made from molded plastic in two pieces—a front and back piece—that fasten together. This type of brace is used to immobilize your spine during recovery from a fracture, spinal surgery, or correction of scoliosis. Rigid braces are made specifically to fit your body by one of our experts at Spine Center of La Clinica Las Condes. They are trained to make the most comfortable and effective brace to fit your body.

Halo vests (with screws)

A halo ring and vest brace is used to restrict head and neck movement after a fracture or neck fusion. In some cases the halo vest and brace can be used instead of surgery or after surgery in more severe cases. The halo vest is often worn for several months to allow proper healing of a fracture to your cervical spine.


While surgery is often necessary to correct a condition or repair an injury, non-invasive, non-surgical techniques can be quite effective by our expert staff. Braces can often be used instead of major surgery, after surgery and to straighten conditions of the spine.

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