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Injections treatments for back pain

Most injections used to treat both acute and chronic pain are desirable for patients because pain is often relieved very quickly and the procedure is minimally disruptive to day to day activities.



Steroids when used in a medical environment are very safe for reliving inflammation and discomfort in patients experiencing many types of conditions. When steroids are injected at a site of pain or discomfort, patients often experience a rapid relief of pain and inflammation. The most common steroid used in injections is cortisone. The only disadvantage of using steroids is the benefits are often temporary and a patient may only have a certain number of steroid injections in a year.

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Epidural nerve blocks are steroidal injections which are used to decrease pain and inflammation caused by a sciatica, herniated disc, or spinal stenosis. Epidural injections are a safe and effective alternative treatment option that helps you avoid surgery. With the help of today’s technology, the pain specialists at The Spine Center of Clinica Las Condes accurately diagnose, target, and relieve the source of pain, to help you return to an active lifestyle. Patients often say the best pain relief occurs within two days of having the injection.

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Facet Block

Facet joints are the joints between vertebra, which are present on both sides of the spine, are two in number for each disc, and provide flexibility to the spine which allows you to bend at the waist. Each facet joint is supplied by two nerves.  A facet joint block can be performed by injecting into the joint or injecting close to the nerves supplying the joint.  Injection into the joint is called intra-articular injection whereas blocking the nerves is called medial branch blocks or facet joint nerve blocks.

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Articular Block

The word articular means joint. When we talk about using an articular block we are referring to an injection that can be used to help minimize pain in a joint. The most common joints where articular blocks are uses are the shoulders, hips, and ankles. Articular Blocks may also be referred to as Intra-articular block. These blocks put a small amount of anesthetic very close to a nerve to cause the pain to subside where the pain is. They may be used after surgery (acute pain) to help minimize pain but can also be used in the case of chronic pain in some joints.When used to treat chronic pain you are given a very small dose of sedative and are taken in a room where the doctor uses a special piece of equipment that shows him the exact position of the needle. Normally the procedure involves very little discomfort and the mild sedative wears off within a few minutes after the procedure is finished. Most patients experience nearly immediate relief from their pain.

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Selective Root Blocks (multiple disk herniations)

selective nerve root blocks are performed for disk herniations.  The goal is to provide pain relief for enough time to allow the extruded disks to shrink. Selective root blocks have been successfully used for over 50 years to assist the disks between the spine to shrink and return to their normal position.

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All of the physicians and staff of Centro de Columna want to treat your condition as conservatively as possible when it is chronic. We use many types of injections to help alleviate pain and discomfort and to assist your body in helping it heal itself. In the case of trauma or acute pain, the injections described above can be used on a short term basis in order to allow you to have reduced pain until further treatment options can be explored.  If you are experiencing pain, please call us for a medical evaluation.

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